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Break Fake Rules is about making your own, conscious decisions. First, determine what fake rules are to you, then you can break them, and carry on with the ones that hold up. BFR is a personal philosophy that inspires differently for everyone. Trust yourself, and find a sustainable and happy life, even when that means doing it differently. The message is meant to inspire and liberate.

The brand was born in San Francisco during the summer of 2018 in search of support on an unconvential road for an artist. BFR started in sticker form, and traveled to Europe to be shared on street poles, and with fellow travelers. It grew organically through conversation with interested people. People asked questions and conversations at bars and hostels began: What is a fake rule?

All products use upcycled materials to create unique products that remind patreons to think critically and to trust their own, thoroughly investigated, beliefs above all. Creating unique and custom products without relying on the product of a new resource...#breakfakerules. New interpretations of BFR are inspiring inherently, go follow on Instagram and interact using the hashtag to share your fake rules.